Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15 through October 15. Every year we honor and remember famous Hispanics who have made significant impacts on the Hispanic Culture. This year BiblioTech Library would like to hear from the people (la gente) of San Antonio. We invite you to share with us who you are and what makes you proud to be a Hispanic. What do you love about your culture and is there a Hispanic person you admire and why? You can record yourself by simply submitting an audio clip or a video recording. We look forward to hearing from the people from Bexar County and San Antonio.

De el 15 de septiembre a el 15 de octubre celebramos el Mes de la Herencia Hispana. Cada año celebramos y recordamos los hispanos famosos que han tenido un impacto significativo en la cultura hispana. Este año la biblioteca BiblioTech quisiera escuchar a la gente, los hispanos de San Antonio. Lo invitamos a compartir porque usted es orgulloso de ser hispano. ¿Qué amas de tu cultura? ¿Hay alguna persona hispana a la que admiras y por qué? Puede grabarse a sí mismo dejando un simple clip de audio o grabar un vídeo. Esperamos la respuesta de la gente del condado de Bexar y San Antonio.

¡Que se oiga mi voz? Let my voice be heard!


Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Of The People
¡Que se oiga mi voz! Let my voice be heard!

Tell us in writing or by video then submit to add to the collection.

Tell us your name
What makes you proud to be a Hispanic?
Which famous Hispanic do you admire and why?

The submission process is free and only takes a few minutes. But before your submit your audio or video clip make sure it is original work to which you own the rights.

Accepted File Formats

  • Audio: MP3
  • Image: JPEG
  • Video: MP4

NOTE: You can use Audio Converter to convert audio files.